Design Objective:
My team visited with clients from Catawba Farms to discuss potential branding for their beer line. We conceptualized beer labels, a keg collar, and a draft pull template for the brewery. We also had to create additional promotional items. My team came up with the idea to feature the Catawba Valley in our design. We used bright colors for the design to give the cans a playful feel. We also included imagery to fit each beer name and story. 

Design Brief:
My specific role within this project was to create some of the imagery on the can. I made patterns for the background of each can that included ingredients found in the corresponding beer. I started the layout for the keg collar that we presented to the client and my team and collaborated to create the finished product. For the promotional items, I also pitched to my team to make a branded cooler. I designed the layout with my team, and we produced it in-house.

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