design Objective:
Find apps that do not currently exist in the market. This design opportunity was a practice in UX/UI design. Prototype an app as well as design it for a target market. Throughout the whole process, focus on user experience.

Project Brief:
Moti Buddi is a motivational app designed for children. This tool encourages children to do their daily chores by giving them a companion that also does tasks. In order to understand how children and parents would perceive Moti Buddi, personas were created to understand the user better.  Personas are giving a member of the target audience a face, name, and personality. It is a way to understand customers better. Sketches, wireframes, skins, and then actually prototyping the app followed personas. After all of this was done, I had an opportunity to present Moti Buddi to a panel at CVCC’s Advertising and Graphic design shark tank. In this presentation, Moti Buddi tied for first place for concept and design.

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