Design Objective:
Take a  fairy tale, along with a movie genre at random. Create three Photoshop composites of scenes from the story with those two elements in mind, using royalty-free photographs to compose the images. 

Design Brief:
 Create a storyline of ideas for the scenes; once three scenes were decided upon, gather photographs and manipulate them to form a scene. The first scene portrays the shoemaker’s workshop so that viewers could put themselves in the story. To create the illusion of nighttime adjustment, layers were used. The second scene is the elves dancing on the window sill by using silhouettes to create the illusion of shadows. The last scene is the elves hiding from the old couple in the story, for this composite. Many clipping masks were used to create the scene. To enhance the project further, the cover art was developed. Simplified versions of tools were used to pique the interest of young children who will read the story.

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