Design Objective:
Research subscription boxes to find possibilities for non-existent examples. After determining a viable option, the assignment directed the creation of the subscription box, a search for content materials, the design of social media pages, and the development of a marketing booklet for the package. A webpage was also created to display the social media efforts and display the monthly fee for the subscription. 

Design Brief:
Treasure Quest is a board game/table-top RPG subscription box. Treasure Quest is derived from fantasy gameplay where the objective is a treasure, and the journey to reach that treasure is through a quest. In conceptualizing the packaging for the box, the packaging consisted of bright blue, orange, yellow, and pink. Dice, pawns, and some fundamental gaming elements were pulled for the imagery on the box. This imagery was chosen to match our target audience’s interests. The target audience for Treasure Quest is young males aged 16-25 with disposable income. Once decided upon, the physical box style, logo, and pattern choice was created—photographs of the box were then taken to be used in creating social media graphics. Social media posts for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook were made for Treasure Quest. The web page was created to add another element of branding for the box and show the subscription service’s price points.

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