Design Objective:
Create a theme for Catawba Valley Community College’s upcoming art show. Create a legacy theme that would apply to this year and years to come. Develop a name that could carry over into the future. The physical collateral consisted of postcards, banners, posters, and a website promoting the students and the art show.  

Design Brief:
The process began by brainstorming and coming up with names that would apply to Visual Art, Advertising + Graphic Design, and Photographic Technology. “Vision” was chosen as the naming convention to represent the different programs because Vision is vital in all the featured fields of study. In addition to the naming convention, a Photoshop composite was created that would encompass all of the three programs. An eye is composed of a camera lens, drawing, and coding to make up the three departments within the composition. The logo “Vision” was kept simple so that it would easily fit with the future themes. The color palette is purple and pink to give off a futuristic feel.

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