Design Objective:
Take an everyday item and turn it into a logo. After converting the object into a logo, then create a business based on it. Additionally, create an animation to promote our company.

Project Brief:
 Wash Wizard is a Laundromat based in Boulder, Colorado. Wash Wizard aims to bring the old act of going to the laundromat and modernize it, while also maintaining a fair price. The target audience of Wash Wizard is college students attending the University of Colorado, who require a local laundromat that will not only finically meet their needs but is also sensitive to modernization.  

The process began by choosing ten items around the house and sketching these items. Through drawing them, the most visually interesting was then chosen. In looking at a washing machine, it was determined that many styles could apply to a washing machine. Names were then brainstormed to match the multiple techniques that could be used for the household item. Wash Wizard was chosen, and to tie the name in the logo together, the washing machine was
designed after a crystal ball.

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